Race Season 2020 Preparation

The preparation of our racing boats never stops even during the winter season! As the racing season comes closer, with the historic Hydra Race on 27/3, the Northern Greece Sailing Club has already begun the process of refurbishing the equipment to better their performance.

Due to the occasion of our participation in the Hydra Race, a historic event that has now become a tradition for sailing enthusiasts, we have begun counting racing boats and training is about to begin. Our annual program contains many interesting events. The program of the events can be found on the IOBA website on nasc.gr but also on our Facebook page at @northaegeansailingclub

The North Greece Sailing Club operates and conducts offshore sailing lessons throughout the year. The lessons are conducted daily and the teaching hours are adapted to the needs of each student / client. Contact us at 6909158894/25910 51180 to register