Bonus Miles Flotilla 2018

North Aegean Sailing Club participated in “Bonus Miles Flotilla 2018”, that was organized on 27/10-4/11/2018.

During the first leg Keramoti-Limnow with length 70nm, the boats travelled upwind with TWS 20-30 knots. The distance was covered in 12 hours.

The second leg Limnow-Chios with distance 105nm, and same weather conditions during the night, was covered in 22 hours.

Different scenery during the 3rd leg Chios-Evdilos, Ikaria.The distance of 45nm was covered in 8 hours  with medium TWS and calm sea.

Same conditions during the 4th leg Ikaria – Psara.

The 5th leg Psara-Plomari, Lesvos was travelled with 20-25 knots TWS. The fleets’ speed was 8-9 knots moving beam reach, and at the afternoon they reached to the beautiful Plomari, Lesvos.

During the 6th leg Afios Efstratios-Limenaria there was demanding weather conditions with 6bft, suitable angle for sailing though. The boats traveled fast with speed 8+ knots.

The 7th leg of 25nm Limenaria-Keramoti was covered the last day with direction to home port, where all boats arrived at noon

Old and new students had the chance to meet open sea sailing, going through 550nm, 430nm of which only with the power of the wind. The route was: Keramoti – Limnos – Chios – Ikaraia – Psara – Plomari, Lesvos – Agios Efstratios – Limenaria – Keramoti.