In co-operation with sailing instructor Christoforos Gkritzelakis, we organise sailing seminars are practice courses during Spring 2019, in order to help sailors with or without experience.

The seminars take place using the most intact audiovisual means in the specially configured classroom of the Club. For practicing we organise small groups, using sailing boats of our fleet and special equipment.



Dates: 29-31/03

Duration: 3μέρες

Price: 150€ (included staying in a boat)


Everything someone needs to know on catamarans.

Their nature, how is their “sailing attitude”, mechanical and other systems, ways of docking. The participants of the seminar will have the opportunity to attend educational presentation, and practice on catamaran sailing boats of our fleet in small groups.

The seminars concerns sailors with or without experience, who want to practice on catamaran. The 3days seminar aims at giving all knowledge to the participants in order to be comfortable as a skipper on a catamaran.


Dates: 25-26/05 & 08-09/06

Duration: 2μέρες  

Price: 100€



Everything a skipper needs to know. Docking technics with stern-bow and by the side. Docking with anchor and mooring on other boats. Technics of embarkation-disembarkation with all weather conditions. Effects of the rudder and the propeller.

All above and even more will be accomplished in the docking seminars. Participants will have the opportunity to attend a presentation and practice in small groups. We use sailing and motor boats. The aim of the seminar is to concentrate the experience of 2 years docking in 2 days.

“Private training courses/seminars/practice” during all year

During all year instructors, boats and equipment remain at sailors disposal for private courses, seminars and practice. They choose a subject about sailing and boats they are interested in and the available dates, in order to broaden their knowledge.

Price upon request, depending on the subject, the boat and the duration.