VII Bonus Miles Flotilla 27.04-01.05.2022 successfully completed

The Bonus Miles Flotilla was completed once again with great success! This time Flotilla took place on 27.04-01.05 on the route Keramoti – Kira Panagia – Steni Vala – Skopelos – Skiathos – Trikeri/Agia Kiriaki – Volos. On 27/04 the fleet departed from Keramoti, once all teams of 60 sailors completed the necessary preparations. The […]

Sailing Academy continues its lessons

Our Sailing Academy continues lessons for students who aim to obtain a sailing diploma. The weather is perfect for practice as well! Regular lessons include theory and practice, however there are also Open Sea Sailing School, Seminars, Flotillas, Educational cruises and more! Contact us for more details.