The VII Bonus Miles Flotilla has started!

The departure of the fleet took place at 23:00 in the evening from the port of Keramoti after a team of 60 sailors completed the necessary preparations. At the same time, two other boats started from Skopelos and Thessaloniki in order to join the rest of the fleet. The first night was very quiet and with a light breeze so the boats used the engines until the area of ​​northern Thassos. The dawn found the boats with their crews under Mount Athos with the first night being magical. Shortly after, a northerner pushed the fleet, which opened its sails and reached the island of Kyra Panagia in the northern Sporades. So far 95 miles have been travelled and almost all of them were with the sails open as the wind and the sea helped a lot.

According to plan, the fleet will spend the night in the beautiful port of Planitis where due to the clear sky will have the opportunity to justify its name as in this port is visible the reflection of the stars on the surface of the sea.

The journey continues with great excitement and impatience for what’s coming next…