VI Bonus MIles Flotilla 16-23.10.2021 successfully completed

VI Bonus Miles Flotilla 2021 that took place on 16-23/10/2021 organized by N.A.S.C. in cooperation with Athenian Yachts and North Sailing, was completed with great success. Twelve sailboats with crews of 85 sailors participated in the event, among those 4 boats were educational with more than 25 students. The fleet sailed overall 300 nautical miles from Volos to Keramoti, using sails for most of the trip.

The itinerary of VI Bonus Miles Flotilla consisted of 8 destinations: Volos – Skiathos – Skopelos – Skyros – Kira Panagia – Lemnos – Thassos – Keramoti.

One of the highlights of the route was Skyros island, as it was visited for the first time in the frame of the event. Marina of Linaria warmly welcomed the crews and offered great services for boats and participants.The route was full of impressions and surprises. Distances up to 65 NM a day gave great opportunities for all crews to participate in sail trimming, wheel steering, and mapping the route, to develop one self’s sailing skills and seamanship. We were lucky to do all types of sailing. We enjoyed the sea and sun, fishing, sightseeing and being with like-minded people. We competed in sailing, trying to reach maximum speed, and got it up to 10,3 NM/h.


There was a theory lesson each day of Flotilla, and everyone had an opportunity to join the open-air lecture to gain new knowledge or refresh our theoretical base. That was highly appreciated not only by students but also experienced sailors.

Upon arrival to the home port, Keramoti, all crews were granted their Bonus Miles Certificates.

All skippers and crews showed excellent seamanship and great cooperation during this demanding trip.

N.A.S.C. would like to cordially thank Athenian Yachts & NorthSailing for support and sponsorship of Bonus Miles Flotilla. Christoforos Gkritzelakis, instructor and leader of Flotilla, congratulates all the participants for successfully achieving their goals and complementing the route.

We set our next appointment on 16-23/04/2022!We set our next appointment on 16-23/04/2022!