VI Bonus Miles Flotilla 16-23/10/2021

The favorite adventure of the North Aegean!

VI Bonus Miles Flotilla 2021 End of Season

VI Bonus Miles Flotilla is just around the corner! Organized by North Sailing in collaboration with North Aegean Sailing Club, for the fifth year in a row, this year Flotilla will take place on October, 16-23. We will start from the port of Volos and are going to have a whole week to visit Sporades islands, Skyros, Ai-Stratis, Lemnos, Samothrace & Thassos, finishing Flotilla’s route in Keramoti.

Our Bonus Miles Flotilla is a highly expected event and a one-of-a-kind social cruise, during which you are visiting small bays and harbors in several beautiful destinations while practicing and developing your nautical skills.

More than 10 sailboats and catamarans are going to participate in Flotilla, including the training boats with a crew of students. It is an opportunity for those who want to make their first acquaintance with sailing and get a diploma. Present holders of sailing licenses can develop their skills and enrich their experience. The training board is managed by an experienced trainer.

The route is designed with the aim of providing participants with a rich sailing and naval experience, always in complete safety. All crews have the opportunity to participate actively, steering, trimming the sails, mapping the route as well as other actions required for safe and rapid navigation.

Stops and the final route of the Flotilla depend mainly on the weather conditions. The crews will gather at each stopover for weather analysis and mapping of the following route. We aim to go on open sails as longer part of the route as possible! That’s the way we collect nautical miles to our experience.

And this year again, the captain leader of Flotilla will be the instructor of the North Aegean Sailing Club Gritzelakis Christoforos.

As every time, Flotilla promises to be an unforgettable experience! We invite you to join us on this adventure.

Ways of participation:

  • Bareboat with your crew in one of our boats
  • Individually as a crew member with other sailors
  • You may optionally choose sailing crash course during Flotilla. Gaining the open sea experience during only a week you can then obtain a sailing license
Bareboat* Ask for our special offer
Individually** 250 €

*For Bareboat rent available boats 35-54ft and catamaran 38-43ft

**Individual prices include fuel, linen, towels, blankets, bridge charges, ports etc.

**Standard reservation is in double cabin with a cabin-mate


─ Single accommodation in double cabin (without cabin-mate)

─ Transfer from Keramoti to Volos 25€/person

─ Obtaining a license (beginners or advanced) from N.A.S.C. sailing with N.A.S.C.’s instructor