Bonus Miles Flotilla 2020

Bonus Miles Flotilla 2020  10-17/10 organised by N.A.S.C. was completed with success. Totally 11 boats participated with crews of 70 sailors. The fleet sailed 250nm totally from Volos to Keramoti, using sails for the most of the trip.

The route that we followed was: Volos-Skiathos-Alonisos-Kira Panagia-Ai Stratis-Lemnos-Samothrace-Keramoti.

1st leg Volos-Skiathos
The crews moved with no wind in the Pagasitic Gulf, to Agia Kiriaki, then sailed to Skiathos reaching the port at the afternoon.

2nd leg Skiathos-Skopelos
Starting from Skiathos Monday morning the fleet headed to Alonisos with low wind speeds for a quick stop, where the crews had free program. Next, sailing downwind to Skopelos we arrived to Skopelos port at the afternoon to stay over-night waiting for very strong South winds.

3rd leg Skopelos-Kira Panagia
Starting from Skopelos at noon, we sailed to Kira Panagia, arriving before sunset for a quiet over-night. In the morning all crews decided to enjoy the light-blue waters of the bay Planitis.

4th leg Kira Panagia-Ai Stratis
Sailing downwind with ideal wind speed we arrived to the small isolated island, to rest for the night.

5th leg Ai Stratis-Lemnos
Leaving Ai Stratis we sailed downwind once again to Mirina, the capital of Lemnos, where we arrived at the afternoon. There the crews had the chance to enjoy walking in the quiet, graphical roads of the town and the castle.

6th leg Lemnos-Samothrace
Starting early in the morning we sailed in perfect weather conditions, downwind, to Kamariotissa, arriving in 6hours with the crews travelling with up to 11nm/h, with maximum true wind 40knots. At noon all boats were in the port. The crews had enough time to explore the magical mountains of the islands.

7th leg Samothrace-Keramoti
Leaving for the last leg of the flotilla, early in the morning, sailing beam-reach, the boats travelled to the home port. All crews were there till early afternoon for the certifications granting.

All skippers and crews showed perfect co-operation during all this demanding trip, while sailing with strong winds up to 40knots winds.

N.A.S.C. would like to thank the sponsors Athenian Yachts & NorthSailing and all participants. Our next appointment is in 2021 with more surprises!