Webinar lessons 2020

We do not change, we adapt! Great news for our Club!

Due to the unprecedented circumstances we have adapted and continue working only on-line in order to follow the official guidelines given by our government regarding the stop of spreading of the Covid-19.

Following the operating principles of our group for sailing lessons all year round and at the time the student wishes, we now give the option to our candidates to start or continue their theoretical sailing studies on-line  and finish the practical lessons once the measure will be lifted and it is safe to do so.

We use all the electronical equipment and take advantage of modern webinar applications in order to make sure we will deliver high quality on-line theoretical lessons, bringing knowledge from our modern classroom to the comfort of your couch. Presentations take place as if you were in our classroom and are interactive, you can ask freely questions live to your instructor, take notes etc.

The lessons have already started from mid April and we will be happy to give more information and start the webinars with more candidates.

Contact us to arrange an on-line meeting, answering to all your questions and to learn more details!

Mail: info@nasc.gr

Mobile: +30 607 301 8991