Races-Seminars-Flotillas calendar 2019


All about catamaran: Get familiar with catamarans’ nature and learn more about its sailing attitude, mechanical and other systems, and different ways of docking and sailing.

Docking seminars: aim to assist experienced and inexperienced sailors, gain extra skills and time regarding docking. Sailors will have theoritical lessons and practice on stern-berthing, side-berthing and more.


You may find more information about races https://www.offshore.org.gr/index.php?mx=Race_Schedule_2019&x=Program.xsl


Starting from Volos, we aim to sail to Sporades Islands in a relaxing mood. Guests are going to have enough time to enjoy their sea-hobby, like fishing, spearfishing, SUP, canoe etc.

Bonus Miles Flotilla: This years’ bonus miles flotilla aims to travel as much miles as it is possible during two legs/two weeks. First leg will be Keramoti-Ionian Sea, and second leg will be Ionian Sea-Keramoti. Sailors could participate in both legs or make a one way trip.