North Aegean Sailing Club organizes educational 2-3 day sailing trips in order to give experience to its members. Stay tuned for the new schedule and dates.

Experienced members of N.A.S.C. are welcome to participate in  all event, especially in Flotillas and races in Aegean and Ionian Sea.

Bonus Miles Flotillas are usually of 4-7 days duration and are organized twice a year, in the beginning and in the end of season (April and October). Flotilla is a great opportunity to gain open sea experience and certified nautical miles for the route passed; it is also a chance to start sailing for the newbies!

Price upon request : depending on the period, duration and boat.

VII Bonus MIles Flotilla 2022


VII Bonus Miles Flotilla 2022 will take place on 28/04-01/05/2021 organized by N.A.S.C. in cooperation with North Sailing, on the route Keramoti-Volos. The fleet is ging to sail overall 250 nautical miles using sails for most of the trip.

Read more about VII Bonus Miles Flotilla here.

Ways of participation

  • Bareboat with your crew in one of our boats 
  • Individually as crew member with other sailors 
  • You may optionally choose to have fast-learning sailing lessons during Bonus Miles Flotilla not only obtaining a diploma, but also gaining the respective experience