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Offshore training week and participation in Hydra’s race

Offshore sailing racing season starts, as every year, with the popular and historical race of Hydra organized by H.O.R.C.. Two legs of 36 miles will be realised from Athens-Hydra and back, with participation, as every year, of over 50 boats. N.A.S.C. organises “offshore training week”, participating in the race. The boats will start from Keramoti, […]

Races-Seminars-Flotillas calendar 2019

Seminars All about catamaran: Get familiar with catamarans’ nature and learn more about its sailing attitude, mechanical and other systems, and different ways of docking and sailing. Docking seminars: aim to assist experienced and inexperienced sailors, gain extra skills and time regarding docking. Sailors will have theoritical lessons and practice on stern-berthing, side-berthing and more. Races You […]

Sailing fiesta 24-25.November 2018

Sailing fiesta & diploma’s award of North Aegean Sailing Club to Keramoti The weekend 24&25 November took place the 2nd part of ‘End Season Sailing CUP’ where N.A.S.C celebrated the end of the season. In the event participated eight sailing boats with beginners and advanced students of our Club and moreover friends sailors from Greece […]

Bonus Miles Flotilla 2018

North Aegean Sailing Club participated in “Bonus Miles Flotilla 2018”, that was organized on 27/10-4/11/2018. During the first leg Keramoti-Limnow with length 70nm, the boats travelled upwind with TWS 20-30 knots. The distance was covered in 12 hours. The second leg Limnow-Chios with distance 105nm, and same weather conditions during the night, was covered in […]